The Band

Here's the full Stookey Blue line up:


Carly has been singing and playing British folk music since she was a teenager, she started playing a fiddle about 14 years ago. She’s been folk dancing (including ceilidhs and Scottish dance) since she was knee-high to a grasshopper and can’t remember a time when folk music and dance wasn’t part of her life.


Fred first picked up the guitar as a young teacher to accompany kids singing in class. Eventually graduated to playing in pub sessions and folk clubs, often accompanying Linda on her concertina. He has been a stalwart of Norwich Folk Club for many years.


Linda played the piano and guitar before picking up the concertina, which has now become her first love. She plays in sessions and singarounds in Norwich and round about, accompanied by Fred on the guitar.


Sarah is a teacher of young children and a country bumpkin who likes to escape the mud by playing banjo and guitar, and singing songs to all and sundry.


Malle has been involved with music in one way or another from the age of 6, originally in darkest Scandinavia and through lots of reincarnations including classical pianist, music teacher, school choir conductor, amateur dramatics musical director. She has now adopted a secret identity as an accordion player and foreign language pronunciation corrector in the band!


Maria (also known to many as Pea) started playing the flute in her early teens and never stopped! She has played in a fair few bands, mainly folk but also did a six year stint in the Fallout Marching Band.


After a number of careers and occupations linked by little excepting their startling dissimilarities, Sholto lives in quiet penury amidst the detritus of a lifetime's varied pursuits.

The full line up along with a few other regulars for the regular Monday evening session. You are most welcome to come along and join us! Please see the upcoming gigs page for where we will be playing.